saying goodbye!

What a strange year this has been.  Many ups and downs, yet we still persevere.  Women have an incredible way to handle the good, the challenging, and the unknowns.  Not saying it isn't without heartache, tears, laughter, and frustration to name a few, yet we push on.  We continue to take steps forward (sometimes backwards, which isn’t all bad) to survive and thrive. 

The past three years have been an incredible journey for Gena Graceful.  We have loved inspiring you and keeping you supplied with cute undies. We have cherished the special gifts we were able to send to friends and family on your behalf.  We have had fun, we have struggled, we have learned, we have lived, and we will continue to take steps forward – they will just look differently.

Unfortunately, we are at a point that we must close the business down. We hope you will take advantage of the huge closing sale we have going on. **UPDATE** - we are unable to keep up with inventory of individual undies, so they have been removed - we recommend a GRAB BAG and let us know in the notes if you are looking for something special

Thank you for the love and support these past three years. And remember, just because we are closing doesn’t mean you can’t still utilize the thought process of getting to choose your attitude daily – Pick your panties like you pick your attitude for the day.  Remember that you are irreplaceable, remarkable, and you can make it through anything!
Tracy, Founder - Gena Graceful

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