Carving out some ME time

Posted on October 07, 2018

Carving out some ME time

Yet another day goes by where you’re rushing to and fro, heading to this work thing or that family event, feeling frazzled and exhausted by the time you finally head to bed.  It’s perfectly fine to admit that the only “me” time you get is when you’re either showering, in the bathroom, or about to fall asleep -- a lot of us are in the same boat.

But finding that quality “me” time can be really important for a whole lot of reasons.  First of all, it’s always good to treat yourself mentally in this way -- even if it’s just for half an hour as you watch your favorite show or read a new book that’s been in your “to read” pile for a solid month. 

Reconnecting with yourself after a hectic day is nothing but positive.  You’ll have a chance to actually relax and unwind by yourself.  This could mean taking a nice warm bath with some lit candles, or maybe just staying in that hot shower for more than a few minutes.  Whatever it is, it’s worth it.  Find the time to mentally relax yourself! 

Of course, the busier you are, the harder it gets.  Having kids brings a whole new level of stress -- and no alone time… ever.  Even if your daily “me” time means putting the kids to sleep and quietly reading a book by yourself, it’s still okay!

We all value those little times where we’re alone and can reflect mentally on everything that has happened during the day, while also relaxing our mind in simple ways.  And trust us, having this “me” time is more than worth it.

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