Envious or Envied?

Posted on January 05, 2019

Envious or Envied?

Recently I received a text from a girlfriend about being envious of another one of our friend’s life on social media.  I had not seen the posts online that created this envy, however it was apparent from my friends’ text, that our other friend was bouncing from one sunny exotic resort to another with fabulous photos online.  Normally I would want to look this kind of thing up to see what/where/and likely envy her myself.  However, this time, something clicked, call it the being home and realizing the what’s really important in life, or maybe I’m learning way too much about social media and knowing first hand how a lot of people post only their A+ moments…whatever it was, I simply responded “Maybe she envies you and your life right now 😊”. 

Yes, I know this could have been seen as a snarky remark back, luckily my friend quickly got what I was saying.  I’ve thought about this before, however this got me thinking about it again – it’s so fun to be on social media and keep up with friends, however it’s also really hard to find the balance and not get a tiny bit depressed or envious when we aren’t living the fabulous A+ photo life moments we see from others online. 

So, my comment to my friend is what I will try to remind myself of on a regular basis and I encourage you to do the same.  You’ve heard it before - the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  With every really amazing photo you see, it might have taken numerous photos to capture that “one” and most importantly there is so much behind the scenes going on in everyone’s life – that they too, may be envious of you and everything you have.  As you scroll through todays social media feeds, I hope you will take two minutes to look at what you have and be grateful for it.   

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