Every Mom is a Model

Posted on July 30, 2020

Every Mom is a Model

Every Mom is a Model
A role model.  Your kid(s) look up to you whether you know it or ever see it, they are looking to you.  They are looking to you on how you respond to chaos, to surprises, to complicated times, to happy times.  They are looking at you.  You may not always get it right and you shouldn’t.  No one is perfect, and it gives you a perfect opportunity to speak with your children.

So use that time to talk, to really talk and build that partnership of Mom to child.  Apologize, explain, ask what they think, what would they do.  You will not always agree, you will not always see eye to eye, and that’s great.  You have raised a human who can think for themselves and is their own person.  Respect that child because too quickly they become a teenager and then an adult and you will long to sit and talk with them. 

Use the time to talk and influence, build, and support your child.  Just when you think you might lose it, hug them and breathe.  Remember, that you are their model.  You are where they learn first.  Be the role model they need and deserve. 
See the beauty in yourself.  See the strength and compassion in yourself.  Now discuss it.  Give them the healthy words to use.  Don’t say you are fat or need to lose weight – they hear that.  Discuss healthy options.  Don’t talk bad about people.  Discuss that people choose differently and that’s what makes the world go round.  Don’t hide your tears.  Discuss why it’s good to show your feelings.  Don’t yell when they spill or break something important.  Discuss why it’s upsetting.  Do use the time you have to create a beautiful, strong, and compassionate human being. 

And for goodness sakes, please laugh with them.  Laugh and create those laughter lines.  Laugh until you cry.  Laugh and accidentally snort.  Laugh big, laugh small, giggle, and have fun.  Show them the fun you two can have, show them the fun and happiness in the world, show them that laughter is sometimes the best medicine for situations. 

Talk, listen, learn, laugh, and love.  You Mom are a model…shaping another model for years to come. 

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