I gave birth during this Pandemic...ALONE!!

Posted on July 17, 2020

I gave birth during this Pandemic...ALONE!!

I gave birth during this Pandemic…ALONE!

Yes, you read that right, I gave birth to my second son on April 7th – ALONE.  Alone by choice.  At a time when COVID just started making people take serious notice, I was hit with how do I deliver this baby as well as keep me other son safe should someone come to watch him so I could have my husband be by my side. 

After weighing all my options, my choice was to keep my family safe… I decided to go in for my c-section delivery ALONE.  You can read more about my initial thoughts here before I went in.  I want to tell you what it was like to deliver a baby during the start of this pandemic.

Day of delivery (3 weeks early due to my placenta previa) – my husband and two-year-old dropped me off at the hospital at 5am.

I was bogged down with my hospital bag, nurse goody bags, and car seat, yet ready to have that baby – even had my Wonder Woman shirt on I wore for my first baby.  Delivery was to be at 7am.  After getting my temperature checked and acknowledging that I had not been around anyone with COVID, I waited to be escorted to Labor and Delivery.

Still carrying about 40lbs of stuff, as the nurse couldn’t help me carry it, I got checked in.  The anesthesiologist asked where my partner was – I told her it was her 😉 as I was doing this alone to keep my family and the hospital staff safe.  This is when the fun began – yes, I said fun, because the fact I was doing this alone spread like wildfire and everyone was overly sweet and empowering.

Coming up on 7am, I was wheeled into the operating room, where a room full of scrubbed in women nurses – cheerily say “Hi Tracy, you are a Rockstar!”  Then we start discussing what music my doctor usually likes, one of the nurses brought up wine country (since she knew I lived in Northern Cal for a while), it felt like a room full of girlfriends chatting and laughing…this was all while they got me all hooked up and numbed to deliver my baby.  One nurse grabbed my phone ready to take photos (never asked for this, she asked) – the other asked if I needed my hair adjusted to let her know.  Now I am not going to say my husband would not have done these things, however women know – women just know how to make other women feel good. 

Baby gets delivered and he’s perfect…I however had a bit of a complication but I wasn’t worried, my doctor was/is amazing and the nurses had a confidence, comfort, and energy about them – we even had a few laughs at my expense.  Laughter is a defense mechanism of mine that I am grateful for.  A positive and can-do attitude is also in my blood.  So in the end, I am pretty sure my son was born to an Adele song, I have more photos of my newly born son than I would have in normal circumstances, and I have one hell of a story to tell my son.

Recovery was just as amazing.  The nurses were great, and all were so empowering with positive comments.  Then came the Facetime sessions with my husband and son at home introducing them to the new family member.  Numerous other Facetime sessions and photos with my husband because we needed to decide on a name for this perfect little boy.  Yes, my son’s name was decided via Facetime.  Within 48 hours of my arrival, we were released to go home. 

The next 24 hours were rough, as we were back at hospital NICU for severe jaundice, yet because of COVID, I couldn’t stay overnight with my baby.  So, I stayed as long as I could and then had to go home.  We were able to bring him home the next day, but there was something so surreal about being 3 days out from a major surgery/ c-section, wearing a mask, and holding your baby in a make-shift NICU.  Regular NICU was full, overflow NICU was for COVID positive babies, and we were in a make-shift area. 

Looking back on this experience, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Yes, I wish my husband and son could have been there with me at the hospital, but they weren’t and everything turned out fine!  We made the best out of the circumstances we had.  I realized that I am even stronger than I thought, I realized that I am a Mom through and through that will do anything for my family, and this experience reinforced that attitude is the only thing you can control…so you better have a good one. 

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