Let the Adventure Begin...

Posted on January 22, 2018

Let the Adventure Begin...

Buckle up – this just got real!  My side project and dream became a reality the day I gave my notice to my former employer – I will never forget that day, December 29th, 2017 – the Friday going into the New Years Eve holiday weekend.  It was such a liberating, scary, and exciting feeling…that I wouldn’t change for anything. 

Yes, I had just become a new Mom, so eliminating my income was tough; I was so far behind of having this side business/now full time gig up and running; and the agreement between my husband and I of my timeline to get this business off the ground was tighter than most of the post-partum pants I wear these days; BUT, the one thing that was on my side – was ME, it was/is my spirit, my energy, determination, drive – all those things in my mind and body that tell me – I can and will do this!  No, it won’t be easy, if it was – everyone would do it and I would have done it years ago. 

What changed to finally make me live my dream…well, becoming a Mom is one reason, my delivery was quite the traumatic one – so when you come close to death, you have a new perspective on life…and I wanted to be around my son to see all the developments and poops – yes, I went there 😉 I want to experience and take in as much of him as I can.  Reason number two, is that one of my biggest fears is being in the same place as the year before – same job, same role, same ol’ same ol’ – I want,I needed to be somewhere greater than where I was and that internal gut of mine (which is a fabulous gut by the way, more stories to come on how it has saved me a few times) continuously reinforced the idea – if not now, when?

So here I am – living my dream, waking up early, staying up late, drowning in how do I even do this, that’s great baby boy – please don’t put that in your mouth, four-legged baby – you are going to drive me bananas if you bark one more time when the postman comes by and you wake up your 2 legged brother, and honey husband – hello, pizza is in the oven, I’m off to take a shower, oh – and Love you!

Cheers to this Adventure!

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