Like a Girl

Posted on February 08, 2018

Like a Girl

Since yesterday was National Girls & Women in Sports Day #NGWSD – I wanted to touch on girls in sports.  The NGWSD website says it best “The courage, strength and character gained through sports participation are the very tools girls need to become the confident leaders of tomorrow”.  Sports may not be for everyone and that is okay, however for many, at any age, can be a life-changing experience.  Below are a few thoughts:

  • Take a look at some of these well known and not so well known stories of remarkable women and girls – their success and achievements did not come without working hard, hitting roadblocks and persevering.
  • The Always commercial of #LikeAGirl is one of my all-time favorites. If you have never seen this or want the refresher – please check it out at:
  • Dad’ism alert: picture this, in high school – volleyball, I out scored all of my previous stats by almost double in a big game – yet we still lost…I was devastated, in tears of sadness and anger. My Dad gently asked – were you the only one on the team?  I said, no.  He said, all you can do is your   Team sports are exactly that, everyone has to do their best and as long you did your part – there is no reason to not walk out of here with your head held high…it took a minute to grasp, but I never forgot that lesson.  It didn’t make the hurt of losing feel any better, but it made sense and was such a valuable lesson to learn.  I still love team sports today – you win some, you lose some, you just have to do your best – as a sportswoman and a teammate.
  • EY Women Athletes Business Network and ESPNW did a survey and found that 74% of those surveyed say a background in sport can help accelerate a woman’s career. Also mentioned, that those with a sports background are thought to have the following traits: strong work ethic, team players, and determined. 
  • There are so many wonderful organizations that encourage girls in sports – I encourage you to find one in your community so you can do your part to encourage girls in sports! Here are a few:  Girls on the Run, Global Sports Mentoring Program, GAALS, Girls in the Game.  **If you have a program you love regarding girls and sports - feel free to leave the info below in comments**
  • I leave you with a few videos to get you pumped up and saying Go Girl and I got this!
    This Girl Can - London
    This Girl Can – Sport England  
    This Girl Can – Phenomenal Women

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