Posted on November 12, 2018


Yep, I admit it…I am, or, was guilty of the incredibly messy and overstuffed panty drawer.  Yes, I know I am in the underwear business and I would like to use that as my excuse, however that is not the case…I am too busy to organize drawers and quite honestly, get stuck in the undies I like and that help me get through my days…cue the shameless plug for my company – Gena Graceful – Pick your Panties like you Pick your Attitude each day! 

So how do you purge your undie drawer…it takes some planning, organization, honesty, and some spunk. 
Planning: Let’s start with planning first – as this is a two-part piece.  Plan for a decent amount of time – mine was around 25 minutes, which seemed like forever with an active toddler and hungry dog.  Second part is to plan to eliminate the items that won’t work.  Don’t get me wrong, this purge of the panties is about getting rid of what you Honestly know does not work for you – ever or even half the time.  Then you set in a section or side of your drawer the good ole’ “give ‘em one last shot” to see if you can find a really good reason to keep them around.  This also works for those, you can’t really remember how they fit, spoiler alert, they should probably be purged…but you need to figure this out yourself! 😉 Your goal with this layout of your undies, is to test, when you see fit, and if that panty doesn’t work – toss it, don’t second guess it, it was half out the door anyways…that first creep up, that first pinch, that first not feeling good in it – it needs to go.  More to come on what to do with old underwear…yep, that is actually a thing nowadays…well for some underwear!  Ha!

Organization:  You need to set up a methodology – yes, a methodology to your undies!  A good start is: test/retry; special occasion (as in you know they are terrible for their fit, but look good under a sexy negligée…have something fun on them you love), Cotton – simply golden oldies, Cotton - must have/ work with everything, do not part…you get the idea, or have a fun pattern on them that gets your mind right Every.Single.Time, or it’s the ONE, the only one, that your significant other, or yourself, just CAN NOT part with…this is excusable – ONE pair.  So, you set up a divider, so you can see what you need to try and what is dependable.  Then work your way through the test section, when you can – do not do this on a big meeting day, a big workout, or a big date – do this while you run errands on a Saturday morning or a boring Tuesday workday.  Personally, I like to categorize mine as the following (for thong and brief – but they are kept separate), maybe TMI, maybe helpful: test/retry, special occasion, cotton sporty/boyshort/everyday, cotton granny panty, nylon spandex good fit for all occasions, and my Gena Graceful line. 

Honesty: Now comes the time when you need to get real with yourself.  Do they really fit, are they really that comfortable, are they only good for one outfit (special occasion), are you hoping they fit someday (they are never going to get that original shape back), and do you feel and look good in them.  Go through each pair, I had to fold mine in order to really evaluate – hence the large “test/retry section”, and really be honest to see how they currently work for you and how they will work for you moving forward.  What’s the worst situation you have, to go buy new adorable and functional undies…oh, the problems.  😊

Spunk: Okay, so what does spunk have to do with going through and trying to purge my panty drawer?  A lot actually, we all change, we all go through things, and sometimes, having a set of undies can get our mojo back, yep – one pair of panties can get your mind right and get your mojo flowing again in the right direction.  So, all that is required here is to think outside the box and give those test/retry panties a good chance.  Personally, I’m not a fan of cheeky panties, but I have learned to keep a few because I feel sexy when wearing them under the right dress…the rest of the time, those suckers creep up my booty so much, puh-leese…so add your spunk, your sass, your sexy self…and make the right decisions for you.

So did I purge that much…well, not as much as I had hoped, what can I say, I’m normal…but I do have two sections set of test/retry…so I think that’s progress.  It’s recommended you go through your drawers, not just undies, but all drawers, once a year, so hopefully this helps.  Not to mention this is perfect timing with the holidays coming up and whose mother doesn’t still buy them underwear…oh wait, I can’t be the only one, right??!!

Sneak peek at an upcoming post – what to do with SOME of your old undies…oh the fun!

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