Put that disappointment into a blender and transform it into motivation

Posted on March 18, 2019

Put that disappointment into a blender and transform it into motivation

“Put that disappointment into a blender and transformed it into motivation”

Let that quote sink in for a minute.

What do you normally do when you are disappointed?  Do you mope about it, do you become depressed?  It’s hard not to feel hurt and discouraged, yet, there are some things you can do to help you transform that disappointment into motivation. 

The quote is from Katherine Wintsch, author of Slay Like A Mother: How to Destroy What’s Holding You Back So You Can Live the Life You Want.  I ran across a great article posted on WorkingMother.com (link will be posted below – highly recommend reading it).  It was about Katherine’s journey to get her book written and published after being rejected 23 times.  23 times.  5 years.  That is a journey and a dedication.  So, think of what you want, where you want to be, what life you want to live…now also know that it is not going to happen overnight and not without some resistance from somewhere. 


Here are the five “defining moments” of her journey along with some extra thoughts:

1)  Convincing herself she could do it. You truly have to believe you can do something, otherwise you will never have the passion, drive, and confidence to do it.

2)  Getting over rejection. Getting told ‘No’ to something you put your heart in, is not going to be easy to get over.  Her work team sent her a message that stated “the struggle is part of the journey.  We believe in you”.  What perfect words.  For every ‘No’ you get told, for every ‘You can’t’, whatever negative word that is getting in your way…you must get through it and know that you will eventually get a YES.  Remember that quote – put that disappointment into a blender and transform it into motivation…now is the time you go into motivation mode.

 3)  Start Over: Sometimes a fresh start, a fresh perspective is what is needed. Take a break, take your mind off it for a bit, flip things upside down and see if you don’t see things differently, get out of your comfort zone, ask your friends for their help…whatever it is – get a breath of fresh air so you can refocus from your new view. 

 4)  The theme that changed everything: once you have that fresh start, deliver on it. Don’t sit on it, do it.  Enough thinking, talking, and dreaming.  Do it.  Take the action you need to get to where you want to be.

 5)  Sealing the deal: when the dream becomes reality, you need to follow your gut. Katherine left money on the table with her book deal because of the vision and chemistry of her publisher.  The bigger is not always better, the more money is not always better, follow your heart, follow your gut, after all you poured it all into your dream – make sure you don’t stop short of what you truly want. 

 We can’t wait to read her book and become our own Dragon Slayer!!  Hope you get a chance to get a copy as well.

Slay Like A Mother book page

Link to the WorkingMother full article


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