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Smile and Say Hello

Posted on October 24, 2018

Smile and Say Hello

So many times we walk by people with our face glued to our phone, staring into space, or worse looking right past that person and just not saying a word.  I’m not saying go for Miss Congeniality and speak to everyone you pass in life, however the old saying of ‘stop and smell the roses’ also applies to being present and friendly. 

As a southern girl, I was brought up to naturally be super friendly and yes, some of that is my personality, but I was taught to say ‘hello’ and acknowledge people on a regular basis.  There are numerous days this goes out the window for me, then there are other days I randomly say ‘Good morning’ or just a simple ‘Hi’ as I walk by someone – it’s a 50/50 chance that I end up talking and learning more about them or it’s just some weird and awkward smile of humanity.  I’m alright with those odds, because for me, if I can make one person out of 50 or 100 for that matter – smile, my day is made – then sometimes I go down a rabbit hole and think what if I was that one person that kept that person from losing their cool that day or made someone smile after they had a really awful day, etc, you get the picture…what a difference one second can make.

Let that sink in…what a difference one second could make.  That can go so many ways, however, here we focus on how to make good and positive steps forward – so that is what we will do.  We will strive to every once in a while, look up from our phone and our busy lives to just say Hello to that stranger.  Make someone’s day…plus, you never know, it might be you that needs a friendly ‘Hello’ and smile one day!

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