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So pretty…wait, so smart, funny, interesting…

Posted on September 01, 2018

So pretty…wait, so smart, funny, interesting…

I can’t get out of my mind the first article I read about making sure little girls were encouraged with more than just  - you look so pretty.  Eye opening, not because I thought every little girl should be some little princess, but because I genuinely think every little girl is adorbs!  Yet, since then, I have made a conscious effort to think of additional ways to compliment these amazing little creatures!

Hopefully no one gets their panties (no pun intended with who we are) in a bunch, however I want girls to feel confident, so I always say they are pretty (or something about the super cool shirt or shoes they are wearing) and then something about their mental awesomeness (funny, creative, strong, energetic).  Not going to lie, I do the same for little boys – you are so handsome…AND funny, smart, athletic, strong, talented…

Can we not do this as adults?  Seriously, next time you are out with your girlfriend, instead of just saying “OMG, you look amazing” or “love that shirt girl”, say something else like – I was talking about you to someone the other day, that you are such a good lawyer or such a good friend – anything besides what we look like and are wearing. Kids bring on such inspiration…stay tuned for more on our inner kid spirit animal inspiration!

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