Trip and fall...then what?

Posted on March 14, 2018

Trip and fall...then what?

Speaking literally and figuratively, we all trip from time to time – what matters is how we handle it.  For so many of us, when we trip we become overwhelmed with embarrassment on whether anyone saw us or not.  It IS embarrassing, it’s the feeling of ‘I clearly can’t put one foot in front of the other successfully’ or ‘oh my goodness, I look like such an idiot’ – the feelings and thoughts can continue from there – we have all had that moment…and if you have not, we applaud you and want to know your secret – did you walk with books on your head when you were little to maintain a perfect balance?  No hate here, just envious 😊

Life will inevitably trip you up from time to time, but you have to pull yourself together and keep going.  You can’t stay hung up on the oops moments, you have to take them in stride and continue on. 

There have been numerous celebrities that have tripped and fallen like the rest of us, however there are a few we can learn a lesson from.  And yes, we realize they are actors so they can handle this better than most of the general population, however they really aren’t that different to any of us.  Human nature has us all thinking ‘oh sh!t’ when you trip, however it’s how they handled it afterwards that makes all the difference.  Side note, be thankful your lifes trip and fall moments aren’t captured by media outlets everywhere. 

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites:

Jennifer Lawrence – actress  at 2013 Oscars…we all should remember this moment, even if you didn’t watch the show (Click here to see what happened) – and on the red carpet.  She continues to handle herself in these situations with Class and Humor – not to mention she is Resilient as she keeps coming back from these hiccups.

Mingx11 – Victoria secret model – “everyone falls sometimes, even angels”….”keep going”.  Click here to see what happened.  One of the biggest debuts each year, the Victoria Secret fashion show and this beauty trips.  She is clearly a professional, as she pulled herself together, stood up (click here) and kept going.  Did she just melt on the inside with embarrassment, absolutely, she cried backstage as soon as she was off the runway, but in front of others she kept those sexy little Victoria Secret panties on and kept going. 

Helen Mirren – actress - trips at Berlin Film Festival – what does she do, she gets up, laughs it off and keeps going.  Photo  Again, handled with Class and Humor.

Gena Graceful is all about choosing your attitude, as that’s about as much as you have full control over in life.  You will trip and fall in life, that's life, so make the right call and handle each situation as the classy, real, and remarkable woman that you!  xoxo

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