What to do with your old Undies?

Posted on November 29, 2018

What to do with your old Undies?

In an effort to be greener, we decided to put together a few options of what you can do with your old undies or those undies that just don’t fit correctly.

An easy option is if you can donate them or if your waste collection company has this option, put scrap fabrics (old undies) in a plastic bag so they can get them to a textile recycler. 

If you want some fun, creative, silly, and lazy DIY ideas – continue reading. 

Wrap bracelet:

Find a super cute seamless undie that you would want to wear on your wrist as a fashion piece.  Next, cut as straight as you can across the entire waist line (we hold no judgement – you should see ours up close).  Once done cutting, wrap it around your wrist a few times and tie in a knot – we realize tying a knot by oneself is difficult, but it’s spandex – it all stretches and shrinks back.  Wrap bracelet = done!
wrap bracelet from old underwear

Pillow Stuffing:

Not that we want to be snuggling up to our old undies, but sometimes that living room or guest room throw pillow needs a little extra “oomph” – old, clean, underwear work great for this!  Make sure you wash those undies and that they are stuffed into a zippered throw pillow.  A great extra tip – add a sachet of vanilla or lavender for that extra nice small in your home.  Random note: maybe the dog bed needs a little fluff too – Ruff Ruff will appreciate the extra padding and will love being close to you while you are out of the house.  Yes, we know this might be a stretch, but maybe not…😉

Hat band replacement with personality:

We wanted to spice up a few wardrobe pieces, so we started experimenting with hats, belts, shoelaces, earrings (we tried a few, but are hoping to have better success next time - check out the photo at the end for what they could look like).  
We ultimately decided that an easy cut of another seamless undies around the waist area was perfect to recolor a fedora for the weekend.  No need to sew, pin, or make it look seamless – it already looks super chic by having a fun vibrant color.  Simply cut and make a small tie at the back or on the side, if you want a bit more of a flair or have extra fabric – tie a large bow or leave the tied pieces long and hanging down.  Regardless, instant new hat to match the outfit – all because of old undies! 

fedora with new color band by use of old undies






Shoe ties:

Okay, so this might be a stretch depending on what shoes you have.  This will work best on basic canvas 3-5 hole flats but try it on any shoe that needs laces.  Take a pair of briefs and cut the longest sections of the waist.  Make the strips about ¼” to 1/2”.  You can use one strip or use two (twisted together).  Use a small safety pin to maneuver through the shoelace holes – and then weave and weave, and before you know it, you have created a fun new look for your kicks.   This is also great to give smaller girls/kids shoes a quick update. 

Boot shaper:

Have some boots that need to be kept up straight but don’t have a proper shaper for them…well, just take a long (mismatched & lonely) sock and stuff with old undies or any random small fabrics.  Put this in your boots and – Ta-da!  You now have a boot shaper.


Hair ties:

There are sew your own and then there is the lazy ladies’ way of just tying it up.  We are huge fans of this for hair ties or head bands to keep the hair out of our eyes when washing off our make-up or while using our favorite beauty mask.  Just cut along the longest strip of your most still stretchy undies – then tie away for smaller pony tails (these requiring doubling up or wrapping a lot) or just a basic headband wrap for make-up removal stuff. 


Luggage identifier: 
There are a couple of different options here.  We simply cut up a cotton pair of cute grey/white striped pair and braided three pieces together. 

Then we also took a few smaller colorful cotton pieces and tied them on.   Both options are a great identifier on our plain black luggage. 

Plus, hopefully no one tries to steal your luggage in front of you, however if they do you can scream at them to get their hands off your underwear…I mean luggage = guaranteed to get them to stop! 😊

Gift wrap:

This is usually used for more excess fabric, however there were a few cute colored ones that we thought we could use for the holidays….I mean don’t you want our undies on your holiday presents 😉  Seriously, the ones we used had great elastic and beautiful thick lace – perfect for wrapping on plain colored packaging. 

Depending on the size of undies you are cutting and the thickness of the lace, it will determine what size presents you can wrap nicely.  With that said we decided to try and do a basic wrap on a wine bottle – seemed to add a nice yet, not noticeable (as underwear) touch. 

Using stretchy lace on plain kraft paper can be fun as well. 



Pet bandana:

Super simple!  Cut a triangle shape at the back of your old briefs (yet still awesome enough for your pet), then keep the cut along the waist line so you can tie it around your pup!  BOOM!  Automatic super cute bandana for your pet!  We decided to throw on some paint for a cute addition. 



This is a great idea if you have the option.  All you need is: cotton panties and the space or the set-up to compost.  Just be sure to remove the elastic band or other non-cotton fibers.  

Misc: couple of ideas we didn't get a chance to try but like!!  Light switch cover and mini pendant (although this seemed like a lot of work).  :)


Oh the fun you can have with your old undies!  We hope you enjoy a few of these and let us know if you have any other ideas or uses you have found helpful!  If you test any of our ideas out – post it and let us know 😊

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