What's your Morning Routine?

Posted on March 13, 2019

What's your Morning Routine?

Morning Routine…

What do you do when you get up in the morning?  Do you hit the snooze button or do you naturally wake up, do you jump out of bed or do you slowly crawl out, do you grab a coffee right away or jump in the shower?  Part of how you start your morning determines how your day will go.  You are subconsciously getting ready for everything your day is about to throw at you.  If you simply just roll with it, get dressed, grab breakfast, get to work – you have lost a key piece of your productivity for that day.  We are all humans, we all know how to subconsciously survive, but is that all you want to do each day is survive?  Or do you want to thrive, do you want more, do you have aspirations and goals you want to achieve – well, that starts with you every single morning. 

There are a ton of articles and books out there that will give you steps every morning to take to be your best – we are firm believers in establishing some sort of routine, however for many that is a hard thing to get in the habit of.  However, one thing you can do without a multistep process is to establish your mindset for the day and getting that confidence and intention started will set you on the right path.  You have a choice every morning to pick your attitude, we believe that it’s like picking your underwear.  You pick your panties like you pick your attitude for the day.

Remember when you were a kid and the superhero undies or the days of the week undies made you feel great and that you were going to be beyond amazing that day…well that’s what we do.  We supply you with a range of undies based around our eight key attributes of remarkable women.  We supply you inspiring stories from women like yourself to help you see that you will not just get through your day, you will be beyond amazing that day.  We inspire you to get your mindset ready to be your personal best, whatever life throws at you.  So tomorrow, when you get dressed, don't simply roll with it, look in that undie drawer, figure out which panties are going to make you feel beyond amazing and right then, you Pick your Panties like you Pick your Attitude for the Day!!

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