About Us

Who and What is Gena Graceful?
Where did this panty idea come from?
And WHY?

Gena Graceful is every woman. She is remarkable. She is strong, smart, classy, sassy, beautiful, has energy and humor, and is resilient.

Gena Graceful is YOU. She is me.

Gena Graceful is our spirit animal to be our best every single day…now, who are we kidding, there are days we ALL want to stay in bed and wake up to another day or maybe just get through the day and not necessarily do anything spectacular – which is completely normal from time to time. Whatever it is you want or need to do on a daily basis – we want to help with that. We provide you comfortable (yet cute) undies along with an inspirational story from a real woman somewhere in the world – so you can truly be inspired each morning when you pick your panties…like you pick your attitude for the day.

The name Gena is after my late grandmother, she embodied so much of what makes woman remarkable. And Graceful is after my continuous mantra to always be a classy lady. We should always “go out” as the classy lady – life is always going to throw you some good and bad situations, however you should handle the good and the bad with style and grace, so they can never say anything about you except that you are a class act.

Gena Graceful is you, she’s me, she’s every woman that goes through stuff every day and continues to get better with age. Welcome to our family and we look forward to going through life with you!

Panties – let’s talk about how it all connects. I was at a conference years ago and the speaker started with the line of “you pick your attitude like you pick your panties for the day”…and it has stuck with me ever since. So every day, I look in my drawer and I figure out who I want to be that day, what I want to achieve, what I need that day – you realize this is a full spectrum of possibilities – we are of course, WOMAN, we are remarkable, we are Everything! We also have the opportunity to pick our attitude each time we go into that panty drawer. We get to choose how we will approach, win, and get through the day.

Gena Graceful is you, she is your friend next to you, she’s your Mom, she’s your Aunt, she’s the lady at the coffee shop, she’s the stranger you have never met. We all go through life’s challenges and sometimes it helps to hear someone else went through the same or similar struggle and is now on the positive side – so it gives you hope and inspiration that you too will come out on the positive side. So a big part of Gena Graceful is that we share our stories…our experiences of how every one of us is Remarkable. We are all a role model to another woman in her life – we just may never make that connection and build that support for each other – welcome to that network, that family, we together are Gena Graceful. It might be my dream, but it’s every woman’s reality…to connect, to exist, to achieve, and to be the remarkable woman that WE are.

Who am I?

I'm a woman with a dream to run my own business and empower woman while doing it. I'm married to a great guy, have an incredibly handsome toddler son and an adorable newborn son (don't all Moms say that?) and am crazy obsessed with dogs (Mason is my 4-legged furbaby).  Native Texan with a ten year stint in San Francisco and moved back to Austin, Texas about a year and a half ago.  

I've always dreamed of owning my own business and for the longest time (ever since I heard that speaker), have looked at my undie drawer and chosen my panties by what I needed to achieve that day or sometimes to just to get through that day. And not every day there is a clear mission - sometimes it's just I want to be comfy or I want to be matchy matchy with my outfit or bra/panty set...however, there are many days where I want to get my mind right to conquer the world or kick butt and take names.

So I started Gena Graceful to help ladies everywhere be their best every day - and that starts each morning when you wake up and decide what your attitude is going to be. My hope is that each woman will be Gena Graceful - a remarkable lady that is always trying to be her personal best.