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How to Wear it Best?


March 2019

Welcome to the How to Wear it Best series. We will be reviewing the various styles of underwear out there and the kinds that we do and do not work with. This first piece will start with the Classic Brief...aka granny panties.

"Granny Panties"

The classic brief provides a bit more coverage but not to the full tummy control level. These are considered more of a basic staple to the intimates drawer, think cotton 3 pack. Although, this classic has come a long way and is no longer considered just a cotton 3 pack basic panty. The classic brief primarily has comfort in mind - mostly made with cotton, microfiber, or nylon. There has recently been a movement with more younger women secretly loving the "granny panty"/ classic brief but not discussing it.  Discuss it!  There is no shame in your underwear game - you are not alone, most women we know love their classic brief from time to time.  We don't have a large selection of granny panties at this time, however if that's your thing - let us know!

How to wear it best:

* With low to high-rise pants, just be aware if there is a panty line

* To sleep in      * Longer, loose fitting dresses/skirts      * Lounging around the house