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True Role Models

EVERY woman is a role model to another woman in her life, however we rarely focus on the everyday woman as someone to look to and up to – to get through our life’s more challenging moments. That’s what this page is for, to highlight female role models. All these women are regular women making life happen – for themselves, for their families, for others – and they have and continue to go through challenging times, yet always seem to come out on top. Attitude is everything.

Women uplifting other women – that’s what we are about here! Do you have a role model you would like to highlight? We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line and tell us about your role model, even better if you have a photo of the two of you and any thoughts/inspiration from her. Feel free to share a story, inspirational thoughts, your business or non-profit you support, whatever you feel would be helpful for other women around the world. Email us at: Support@genagraceful.com

These initial women below are just a few role models of mine to get us started – all of them demonstrate what makes a Gena Graceful woman. They are each, in their own way: Beautiful, Strong, Smart, Classy, Energetic, Humorous, Sassy, and Resilient.


Mom, wife, firefighter, bagpiper, fundraiser, crossfitter, traveler, lover of movies: The best gift my father gave me was a desire to travel and see the world. I love to explore and can’t wait to teach my kids the same. Ever since high school I’ve held the belief that life is all about going on adventures and collecting great stories. As a firefighter I’ve seen lives begin and end and I am acutely aware of just how precious time is. I have every intention of getting everything I can out of my future retirement. Life is too short to waste it worrying what I look like. I want to be strong and healthy, mentally and physically.


Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Corporate Bad Ass, Jetsetter, Spontaneous Austinite. 
I'm a nurturer to a fault and would go to great lengths for others (family, friends, the workplace, strangers), while forgetting about myself. I've learned the importance of putting my health, happiness and personal growth first. Start telling yourself YES more often, experience new things that you want to explore but too scared to do so. If Southwest Airlines is running a sale, text a bunch or your friends and book a few trips. If your local gym is teaching a Beyoncé dance class and none of your friends want to go, go by yourself and have the time of your life. Exude positivity!! It’s so cliché, but we only have one life, make the most of it doing the things that make you happy. These are the things that keep me and the ones around me smiling.


29 years old - Clinical Nutritionist & Health Author. Lover of all things health, especially healthy travel. Family orientated with a very balanced approach to life! www.jessicasepel.com


Dog rescuer, music lover,beach bum, adventure seeker, nature hugger, ocean protector, Yogini, Physiotherapist,and forever a student of life. There is NOBODY in this world like you. You are here for a purpose- your Dharma (and by dharma, I'm not talking about your profession 😉 Know that your presence in this universe is SO significant. Be YOU, whole heartedly, authentically, imperfectly perfect YOU- because nobody else CAN or WILL. Shine that light of yours BRIGHT, because the world will be that much dimmer without it.


Mom, wife, sales manager, friend, dog lover. Life has its ups and downs and I’ve made it through them all. My pride and joy are my two girls and seeing them grow into their beautiful independent and creative selves. I’ve taught them to always do what is right, not what is easy, and I try to lead by example.Lately I have been trying to choose experiences over things. I am ready to travel the world with family and friends. Life is short! Treat each day as a beautiful gift.And one thing I keep telling my girls (and myself) is to not sweat the small stuff and keep their focus on the important things in life.


Mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Cancer survivor. Former marathoner. Rents her country glam home on AirBnb so others can enjoy life the way she does. Owner and operator of a cleaning business. Fiercely independent with a zest for life. At 69 years young, she is going strong and lives life to the fullest.


Mom, grandmother, wife, friend, lover of life, addicted to the beach &probably part mermaid, and has been referred to as being ‘effervescent’ on too many times to count. This is my Mom – she has been my biggest cheerleader all throughout my life and strongest yet softest shoulder to lean upon. I want to highlight her as a role model because she taught me that having a positive attitude makes all the difference – she spoke to me about this, she led by example, and continues to show me in adult life how an outgoing and positive attitude can change your world…as well as those around you. So, I guess you could say she might have been my earliest catalyst to Gena Graceful and picking your panties like you pick your attitude. Love you Mom!