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Gena Graceful Gift Card
Gena Graceful Gift Card
Gena Graceful Gift Card
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Gena Graceful Gift Card


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Want to tell a girlfriend you got her A$$ covered?  Want to gift a friend or daughter for a birthday or other special occasion?  What about the Wife for an Anniversary or to put a smile on her face?  The gift card is perfect for you.  

Our monthly boxes consists of 2 undies with inspirational quotes to go with them.  We will personalize the message and occasion as you specify. 

Currently we offer:

One month box (2 undies) - $15.99
Three month of boxes - $47.00
Six month of boxes - $95.00
Grab bag (8 undies) - $40.00 (one undie from each of our collections along with inspiring quotes)
If you have something else in mind, please message us at support@genagraceful.com and let's chat.